Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tea Parties In Beverly Hills!

I am very curious about the push back that is occurring toward the Bush thugs that have emerged from the MSM and the ivory tower of Berkley and the Whitehouse; now they live with the rest of us, the masses that they've successfully fooled.

First John Yoo gets verbally harassed at a speech about his book. Now Karl Rove suffers verbal abuse from a handcuff-bearing pink hat. John Yoo didn't flee, but a larger share of the audience wanted to hear him speak (cough), and there was security to help him.

What was the Beverly Hills bookstore thinking? That Karl Rove isn't controversial?

Congressmen get verbally abused and spit upon by tea partiers.
Former administration officials get threatened with a citizen's arrest from an anti-war organization.

People are waking up!

What a beautiful world!


Of course, it would have behooved Cantor to point out that the guy who targeted him had actually targeted BOTH sides of the political spectrum, but no, instead he offers that the bullies are ON both sides of the spectrum. Big of him.

Why Now?

The paranoid corrupted Christian militia group that was arrested Saturday had leaders about my age. They were 45 and 44, respectively.

Yesterday, I was considering how, for the most part, my generation has escaped serving in a war. I have one friend in the Air Force in South Korea, another is a national guard member who serves in law enforcement in Missouri. Neither have been to Iraq or Afghanistan, whose soldiers are our young generation, boomer's children and sometimes our children.

I know that most of the Tea Party activists are boomers, still grinding out a battle with the hippies that they hated in the 1960s. Even Jon Yoo at Berkeley is still fighting that fight with his rhetoric. But he is my age, the oldest child of the youngest boomers.

I believe that he, and the militia group in Michigan, are on the same page in that they have an abstract view of life and war.

This separation from the real horrors of war and cruel death allow both a civilian policy of torture for the unrepresented accused and a plot to kill innocent American policeman. It seems so departed from human rationality because it is.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Even the "break windows" guy doesn't support busted militia

Exactly why words matter

This is why it matters, Glenn Beck, when you start calling your political opponents the anti-christ.

This isn't about free speech and this isn't about being politically correct; it's about being morally responsible for what we say.

It's about being without sin with our words, impeccable with our words.

Believe me, I need to work on that, too.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I grew up with people assuming that my family did not pay taxes because we were foreigners--even had a fellow college student and roommate assume this about me.

They were wrong. All residents pay taxes whether or not they are citizens. It's called taxation WITHOUT representation.

Now I keep seeing bloggers accusing liberals of being tax evaders!! I don't get that! Most rich people are conservative, and I think most tax evaders are rich, so why are liberals and hippies getting that rap?

It ticks me off, because man, do we pay our taxes. A lot of taxes.

Glenn Beck promises policy solutions!

"We must be independent. These pressures keep building and the vise gets tighter and tighter and tighter. There are — I was going to say easy — there are not easy long-term principles. But there are long-term principles that will solve these issues. We've talked about them at length many times. We're going to talk about them in the next few weeks. I'm going to solve some of these things.

And you've got — I'm telling you, you don't have to agree with my answer. But you've got to be behind something that makes sense."

Oh goody, I can't wait to see what his solutions are!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A plan to do nothing

#1. Even if you get a majority and vote to repeal, Obama is unlikely to sign it.
#2. You condition your reform ideas on a repeal instead of suggesting how the reform could be molded to your ideas.
#3. Either you didn't think of that, or you're plan is actually to do nothing (unless Obama signs your repeal, if you get a majority in November...).

Also, I will do everything I can to help an oppenent beat Sen. DeMint's reelection bid in the fall. Even funding a different Republican. Not only do I oppose him for successfully blocking a national security appointment that I personally knew to be incredibly valuable for our security, he thinks gay people shouldn't marry because they would spread disease. Even if that were as true as the fact that straight married people can spread disease, doesn't marriage STOP the spread of disease? This guy's logic is really skewed. He also use the term "break him" for Obama that I've since heard South Carolinians say is an old reference to "slave breaking" [I incorrectly wrote lynching earlier]. I will refrain from calling him names, but wowsy do I want to.

Heard about the Parliamentarian on Thom Hayden today!

Appointed by Republicans!!!!

Yeah we never cared when Bush spent our money, but not YOU

YOU'RE GOING TO BANKRUPT AMERICA!! They cry, and again, just like Clinton, the Democrats will fix the problems the GOP made, and the GOP will attack us the whole time, and then they'll get elected and f*$@##@ things up again. Or will they?

We do have the internet now.... (-:

Not to mention:

OBAMA IS GOVERNMENT TYRANNY!!! When it was Bush that WAS tyrannical when he disabled the bill of rights, and had the authority to kill anyone (not sure if Obama has reversed this) and they just didn't care. Everything they say about Obama is really about Bush.


Bliss if you want talking points that hit home...