Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tax us!

Maybe it will take higher taxes to make our citizens PAY ATTENTION and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our government. Maybe THAT's why Republicans are against actually FUNDING instead of BORROWING for our state's services.

Rush Limbaugh and his like are not really advocating for Joe the plumber (or Joe the painter), who can't pay for private Fire Fighters, or for private teachers, or for private nurses and doctors; Rush Limbaugh and the FUNDED conservative press corp are advocating for millionaires and billionaires who CAN afford their own private life bubble. They're just smart enough to get the working class to fight their battles for them.

I would like a team to target every district that these anti-tax-but-happy-to-spend Republicans represent and SHOW how state funds help their community. And show how their community's state taxes FUND or don't fund them.