Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've been debating some Islamophobic bloggers (although one I saw shakes off that label because it describes "irrational" fear and he thinks his hate is justified...but I digress).

They take the Koran (Quran?) literally (and it basically allows the same horrific elements that some parts of the bible does: murder, slavery, rape, incest, etc.) and they believe it is a world-domination plan for every Muslim.

They interpret world history as a power play by Muslim Arabs to dominate the Western world (citing massacres in India and Turkey).  And they think that everyone is controlled by the Saudis.

I must admit, our relationship with the Saudis freaks me out.  But if the Saudi's didn't have oil, would we have any reason to have a relationship??  Really?

Sat Sept 3
Op Ed today in New York Times from a faculty member at Yale calling out right-wing legislation against "Sharia Law."  I sent him an e-mail thanking him, asking if he knows of any religious groups integrating Muslims successfully, and warning/or recognizing that he's about to be abused by the Muslim-haters.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Conservatives are turning any expression of Muslim religion into Jihad

If anyone is interested, I'm trying to stay reasonable with these guys, but it's hard.  There's just so much desire to fear, to hate, to spread it...

Ron Paul and Chris Christy

I asked a Ron Paul supporter on Facebook to explain/defend/articulate his position against the mere existence of the Fed.  Chirp.  Here is Mr. Paul discussing hurricane aid:

I give kudos to Chris Christy for calling all the hype about "Sharia Law" what it is, crazy BS!!! Kudos to rational Republicans!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Have you read that book about Godless liberals?

I hate to admit this, but I want to read that Ann Coulter trash (I won't BUY it, I'll get it from the library) unless you've found someone who has taken that perspective and exposed her, the Republican policies, the legislation against labor, the poor, children, etc.?

This is fun (I have to re-read one or two of his points!):

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Manchurian Transnational Oil Candidate or Weak-kneed corporatist?

My blogging friends, I'm sorry to have been out of the loop.  I value your opinions a lot, and your wise analysis would have forced me to give up on Obama a long time ago.  Alas, I am late and feel foolish for trusting him for so long.

Last night Schmog and I both admitted that Obama has lost our support.  Schmog dumped him when he refused to use the leverage of the debt ceiling (which Republicans actually WANTED to raise) to raise revenue from the rich.  Obama never called their bluff.  He should have used the debt ceiling as leverage, instead of leaving it to the tea party!  So, tactically now, he wins if the Republicans do nothing and taxes get raised, but if Obama wants to pass, say, a jobs bill, or ANYTHING at all, the Republican, hell, the "bi-partisan" congress will attach "keep the Bush tax cuts" to any legislation.  And just like in December, Obama will "be forced to pass it." 

So, continuing to predict the future of our predicament.  Obama has lost me because he is about to allow the dirty oil from the 2nd largest pit of carbon in the world (in Canada) to be rerouted from an existing pipeline, to an inexplicably needed new one that now has to be built under organic farmland in the Midwest (from 4' to 25" deep under rivers...) by a transnational oil company (hated by it's own country) to refineries in Texas.  The press reports that this will create 100's of thousands of jobs, or 10's of thousands of jobs, according to this company, depending on which press report I read.  Really?  More oil jobs?   Oh yeah, and Canada is creating a new method of tar pit oil extraction which will cause less harm to the environment (and I'm about to create some magic beans...).

Now I come to you to help me forge a new path of hope for our nation's future.  And today, all I can foresee is either a Perry/Palin presidency, or four more years of "capitulating" (wink, wink) Obama.

Is there another way?  The Democratic PARTY will nominate Obama and try to kill any challengers.  The Republicans will win if progressive parties run a third candidate.  But what if we "the disgusted people" ran a candidate that equally challenged both the Democrats and the Republicans?

Who would that be?

What one or two people in this country could lead both liberals (civil rights) and conservatives (religion) and independents (libertarians)?

Can you name some names?

Not that I'm ruling them out, but here's why I think these guys DO NOT work:
Ron Paul (loses civil rights supporters)
Elliot Spitzer (loses religious right supporters)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (calls himself a Socialist--loses the socialist-denying masses)