Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've Been Hard On Hillary, about that glass ceiling...

I just browsed Hillary's photo album, it appears she's still raising money and is possibly passing the baton to Chelsea, our hedge fund guru.

I think both women demonstrate that women in this country can DO anything. But WHO are they? And what do they BELIEVE? I don't know anything about Chelsea. But I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about Hillary's morality...that the ends justify the means.

The most moving image was of a woman who reminded me of my own 70 year old mother. She had Hillary buttons all over her hat, and I thought, wow, I can't see my mom doing that for Hillary, but maybe some other woman or candidate; and I felt sad that this unknown woman is probably disappointed right now. But I honestly think that we already had cracks in that ceiling when that woman (and millions of others) taught her daughter, or niece or neighbor that girls and women can DO anything in this country. I think that glass ceiling will be broken when both women and men aren't required to DO and PROVE everything, especially based on gender, and we're all accepted for who we are, loving human beings who love others. And I'm a feminist mother of sons.

Hey, I love Hillary.


Um, we're STOPPING Iraq's oil flow on purpose...

And does Saudi Arabia rule the world? My husband told me Tony Blair capitulated to them on war planes for oil. Where are our heroes? The British people and Americans would not have capitulated to Saudi Arabia's threats...

Friday, June 06, 2008

Jews and Obama

Obama's AIPAC speech

Obama does express his love for Israel (in both words and money) and for a two-state solution, and AGAINST expanding settlements, and for SOCIAL JUSTICE and TO HEAL THE WORLD. He is the one, the guy that really wants peace in the Middle East. Sure, I would have liked him to rail against extra-judicial killings, but as a Brit I wonder if this is that much different from how we less formally treat Britain--they even had a terrorism problem once...

I'm blogging this because I'm so irritated by things I'm reading and things I know about people. We know a Jewish guy who thinks Obama is an angry, black-power anti-Jew and I keep reading atheists' (I think) comments who think Obama is beholden to Israel and American Jews. How can they be talking about the same guy? It's crazy!

I think he wants peace for the United States, and our ALLIES. That just doesn't agree with some people, I guess.

FYI, I'm Jewish.