Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Cancer In Front of Our Faces

Last week my son's babysitter was telling me how painful and intrusive her breast cancer detection surgery was. She still doesn't know if she has breast cancer or not, but she's scared and has two staples in the breast that didn't have pain in it.

She asked me if I thought organic foods would "save" us from cancer, because she knew that a friend of hers was not saved this way. "My friend doesn't smoke, or drink, and she eats organic foods, she got cancer." I said that I eat organic foods and use air filters to help, but I know I could still get sick because of the dirty air, the furniture, the chemicals in everything, but if I do get sick at least I'll have an easier time adopting a REALLY healthy lifestyle.

Low and behold, the L.A. Times had an op-ed that discusses the cancer causing chemicals that "Virtually every Californian tested has shown levels of these chemicals in his or her body. They migrate from the furniture into dust particles and find their way into children, pets and the breast milk of nursing mothers."

Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) is sponsoring a bill, AB 706, that bans all chlorinated and brominated fire retardants from use in furniture...The bill also would require the toxicity of chemicals used to meet fire safety standards.

LET'S HELP LENO!! ASAP! Assemblyman Mark Leno

Fire retardants in furniture were required 32 years ago to protect smoker's from falling asleep and burning their beds and couches. Too bad so sad; that's the unhealthy tail wagging the healthy dog. We don't harm all the babies to save the few dunces. Of course, my husband did point out that dunces can endanger entire apartment buildings, so that is something to ponder.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It's two worlds: The People & Corporations

When I hear people, they are listening to Edwards and like what he's fighting for.

When I see magazines, TV, and newspapers, they pick at Edwards for the DARNDEST things and don't listen to what he's fighting for. And it's opposite world, as in Newsweek's latest, "He's no RFK." Okay, so WHO comes closer? It's time for JRE.

My Edwards '08 bumper sticker is going on my car as soon as I can find it.

What really matters?

Great debate highlights, too. This guy rocks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sicko scares right to the top

Crooks and Liars points out the new "scare" words are "Federalized healthcare." As if the government is going to be administering our shots--that is not what a single-payer system is. Medicare is a single-payer system and it is something like 30 times more efficient than HMOs. HMOs claim that they are more effcient by hiring non-union, non-living wage paid employees, and then they blow that (in my mind) socially unethical "efficiency" by paying their CEOs millions of dollars. Great plan! The rich get rich, the laborers get screwed, and we get kicked off the insurance rolls!! THAT'S private insurance. No thanks...I want a single-payer system before I turn 40, and that's not long.

So here is our monkey-in-chief doing the bidding of the insurance industries and acting as if medical innovation is tied to greed (how would he know that, he's greedy and hasn't innovated anything useful). Even if it is to some extent, I think we can stand to leave true medical innovation to the altruistic innovators, expand the number of government scientists and the academics, reward the great ones! I just suspect they'll have more drive and focus on the issues that really hurt us, not just the ones that turn a profit.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Save the earth, throw the bums out!

Last night I found a list of the worst, just oil and gas, offenders:

Top 20 oil and gas friends in Congress

Here is a list of ALL senators, Democrats included:

Oil and Gas Senators Check out Feinstein, ugh, but Hillary about doubles Feinstein's grab.

I'm going to add Open Secrets as a link on my blog.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Excellent opportunity to help impeach Cheney and Bush

I've ranted about this on other blogs but not my own, as far as I can tell. This is what I wrote:

I urge the Congress of the United States to begin impeachment hearings for Vice President Cheney and President George W. Bush. The crimes of this administration have made this action imperative in order to protect the Constitution of the United States. There is no greater priority for this Congress, no greater duty, than to defend our Constitution. Congress must also demand that we exit Iraq as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The media's moral equivalency

How in the world does someone who stands up to a bully get insulted by witnesses? When it's a progressive who stands up to the bully.

Ann Coulter has insulted the Edwards' family to such a degree it's impossible to ignore it; she has accussed them of using their own son's death because they have been inspired to public service because of it; she has misrepresented John's sexual preference; she has wished for John's death by terrorists.

Elizabeth politely and publically asked her to stop the personal attacks on her family.

And now the media is saying the Edwards' are just as "bad" as Coulter, since they got to raise some funds for their PUBLIC SERVICE campaign because of the confrontation (which COULTER started years ago and refreshed her attacks very recently).

When you are insulted, you have two moral choices; and it is a catch 22 (As pointed out to me by the book Moral Politics). You either respond and inflict harm yourself, or you don't. If you inflict harm, that isn't a good thing, but at least you've tried to "even the score," and have sought retribution. Conservatives normally give people credit for this; e.g. the death penalty and spanking. However, if you turn the other cheek, and don't seek retribution, you're on Jesus' side and are living in moral purity, which liberals very often advocate; but you have failed to "even the score" morally speaking.

So, as you can see, the Edwards' are in a Catch 22. Either they take Coulter's crap, and turn the other cheek, or they fight back. In either choice they will get criticized. It should be that conservatives are cheering them for fighting back! But alas! The conservatives are criticizing them for not turning the other cheek!! Hmmm, their system of retribution is only for conservatives who are harmed! Liberals remain silent on the issue, or equally condemn it, because we do believe in turning the other cheek (to some extent); and generally frown on "profiting" from bad situations.

This liberal is very glad that someone is taking on Ann Coulter, and a pox on the houses of the press (not the people; that's mean) that give her air time. I'm glad that the candidate I support can actually benefit somehow from Ann Coulter's and the press' nasty alliance. I know in my heart that the campaign would rather not have that as it's fundraising catalyst--welcome to Real Politics. The light has to shine on the dark.


You can support Campaign Finance Reform!

This is my friend! He's a very honest, loyal guy!
Dear Sen. Boxer,

I implore that you and Congress hold our President accountable for the crimes that he has committed against our people, our military, and in Iraq. I believe it is Congress' number one priority and duty to impeach him and the Vice President; I'm sorry that you didn't pick this as a priority, but our President's behavior has demanded it. I don't know what we'll tell our children if you choose to look the other way and let his aggressive moves toward dictatorship continue.

Where I am today, Thank you Annie Lennox

“Usually I’m on stage as a performer, but today I’m not going to sing, I’m going to talk, which is something I don’t usually do very much in public.

We live in complicated times. Our lives are too often overloaded with information that usually has the effect of adding to our inner stress and turmoil. We seek, but we don't necessarily find the ultimate things we long to experience ... contentment, joy, love, inner peace. The World tells us that we should be successful, rich, beautiful, famous.

In a consumer society the power of media and advertising constantly bombards us with messages and images reminding us of our “lack” and we so often feel like failures.

Life’s condition means that at any given moment the things we value most can be swiftly taken away from us at any point in time. Our health, our safety and security, both emotionally and physically are not always lasting. The comfortable status quo cannot necessarily be maintained or guaranteed...

So we carry our anxiety and fear of loss within and around us unwittingly.

We strive for a “better moment” than the one we are currently in, while dragging the burdens of our past into every present situation, so that we are rarely, if ever, “here and now”.

How do we find meaning, value and connection in a society that is dislocated and in many ways dysfunctional? We have lost our sense of community, or belonging to anything much beyond our own individual circumstance. We have become voyeurs, vacuously gazing at reality TV shows and sitcoms while exhibitionists and ever new ‘celebrities’ grab their pot shot at 15 minutes of fame. We vicariously become engrossed with the prurient details of other people’s lives, as we compare and contrast them to our own.

We digest the endless details of mankind's abuse and exploration, while our polluted planet heats up around us. I have therefore come to the conclusion that the world is completely and utterly mad. And perhaps I am mad to have an expectation that it could be anything otherwise. But somehow I still cling to the notion that there is still come kind of intelligence, sanity, goodness, compassion, or hope somewhere on this planet.

I know there are many people who feel the same way as I do. They are everywhere ...

Positive change is happening, and we should be encouraged by this. I applaud all ...who refuse to give into pessimism in the face of what often seems like a lost cause ...

I’m proud to be here with you. To stand up and be counted as one of the lunatic idealists ... who passionately endorse the notion of the better, safer, kinder world."

2006 Speech during Resurgence Magazine's 40th Anniversary ceremonies

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Edwards' substance on social issues ignored on Meet the Press

Despite what I believed to be Edwards' resouding victory in Thursday night's debate at Howard, Tavis Smiley chose to promote the findings of a group of 30 people polled after the debate. They believed that Hillary won the debate (apparently with one or two seemingly scripted and Bill-inspired quotes that got resounding applause, but with little substance or details). The panel devoted their "Democrats" time to Obama and Hillary and ignored every other Democratic presidential candidate completely. It was apparent that the Christian Broadcasting Network guy was rooting for Hillary because he wants Republicans to beat her in the general election--but Tim never pointed that out for us.

When the "discussion" on Meet the Press turned to the Republicans it was Giuliani-TV (not surprising considering this has been Tim's favorite person for a long time). I'll never forget Russert giving Giuliani at least half the show right before the 2004 election to pump up George Bush and destroy Kerry over the "war on terrorism." Yet, Russert actually showed projected results in the Iowa primary for REPUBLICANS, yet he didn't do that with Democrats. Why? This knocked Giuliani down to third or fourth place, giving the panel a chance to discuss Mitt Romney for 3.5 seconds or less.

I would like to point out two important DEMOCRATIC polls for your notice, since they are apparently escaping the gaze of the press right now:

Edwards leads in Iowa

Edwards beats Giuliani and Romney in the general election (He's actually tied with Guiliani now )-:)

"Twenty-eight percent (28%) say they will definitely vote for Edwards if he is on the ballot in 2008. Thirty-two percent (32%) will definitely vote against him. That net deficit of four points (28% for minus 32% against) is the best for any candidate seeking the White House at this time. Thompson and Giuliani rank second and third by that measure."