Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Did you think Allen was a BULLY before this?

Maybe he bullied his ex-wife? Hey Allen, you made this personal about women...


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Buy the people, Fool the people

Rove and Bush have sullied the phrase, "By the People, For the People."

The administration is beyond the pale in trying to bribe voters into voting for their Republican rubber stamps, they are promising disaster aid in the northeast and grants for better transportation at Ohio airports to help boost votes for Congressional candidates. It's bull that they are using the promise of disaster relief, implying that the region WON'T get it if Democrats are elected, and is absolutely unethical to use the Cabinet to campaign for the Congress, but what's really disgusting and crazy is that people are BELIEVING the promises.

I do not respect Chavez one bit, but when he called Bush an alcoholic, there was something in that...

DON'T believe alcoholics.

DON'T believe the folks who brought you Katrina.

Katrina: Where's the Money?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I just want to remind the American public that Republicans can't win without lying or cheating

Evidence that Republicans think Terrorism is NOT a threat

CQ Hastert

So here's the situation: It appears that Hastert and Co. hired their own chums (or the biggest bribe) to do the security work to protect Congress from a terrorist attack. Contractors have questioned the quaility of the work and Hastert's guy was bullying investigators.

Here's my question, if you don't care who is building the walls and moat to protect your castle, how big is the threat to your castle??

Maybe bin Laden is dead.

Rumsfeld hamstringing the Army

Ruining America

We've had Republican paranoids tell us that the minority party in Congress is hamstringing our military in Iraq. How? Last week I heard an A.M radio dittohead blaming liberals for hamstringing our military after a caller said a soldier in Iraq reported that they can't kill an Iraqi shooter after he puts his gun down (even if he's shot at them). What?

What trail can we trace to say that Democrats in Congress or liberal Americans have anything to do with PENTAGON POLICIES in Iraq??

How do conservative listeners put aside all logic, observation and rational thought to go along with such ridiculous accusations? It's truly frightening that Americans can buy into such blatent and frankly, stupid, propaganda so easily. Or is it just another excuse for Republicans to blame and bash liberals and Democrats for their own choices and mistakes? Rumsfeld's approval is 12%.

The Army chief asked for $25 billion, Rumsfeld's Pentagon gave him $7 billion. Who's doing the hamstringing?

Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld.

Not enough troops, no exit strategy, not enough money for our troops, and all you reporters "backoff," or else.

Does he bully the president as well?


Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Dark Side of Ohio

You know, it may seem like Republican's have conceded DeWine's seat since they are no longer paying for his ads (I knew this over a week ago) but it may also be that they own the voting machine's and commercials just won't make any difference for Sherrod Brown....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fraud in Arizona

Maybe Arizona is the only state in the Union where voter fraud has sporadically occurred, someone find that evidence for me.

But I just read the Supreme Court's opinion and it basically says to me:

"We'll allow the state to put up roadblocks to voting and see what the fallout is."

Let's just see how much disenfranchise occurs.

Okay, so when some older folks are lining up to ask why they couldn't submit a normal vote (does the phrase, "Provisional Ballot," ring a bell folks?) will the Supreme Court pay attention then?

Did the Supreme Court make sure that Floridians weren't disenfranchised in 2000? No.

Did the Supreme Court make sure that Ohioans and Floridians weren't disenfranchised in 2004? No.

Arizona Voter ID Supreme Court Opinon "Given the importance of the constitutional issues, the Court wisely takes action that will enhance the likelihood that they will be resolved correctly on the basis of historical facts rather than speculation."

When does historical fact begin to count, Justice Stephens?????????????? Wise? Blind and deaf.

Are even the court's "moderates" so isolated in their ivory tower that they do not see what direction fraud is actually coming from, our government officials???

Supreme Court Opinion

Which state will be added to the list in 2008? Will Virginia and Missouri elections be fraudulent this year?

Diebold strongholds

Monday, October 23, 2006

Osama, Osama where art thou?

I'm puzzled about how the GOP believes using Osama to scare people will make them vote Republican.

Osama has not been caught.

Osama has been ignored by President Bush, "I don't think about him much..." or some other such nonsense.

So now they think he's a threat? Why not before?

What's real, is he a threat or not?

If so, why haven't they caught him?

I think he's been a threat all along, and have often wondered why we've been fighting people in Iraq instead...and if he's still such a big threat why we're not turning over every rock in Afghanistan and Pakistan...the Taliban seem to know where he is.

What's up with Osama, GOP?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Writing in opposition on purpose

It occurred to me the other night that Bush and the Republican Congress have one, clear, all-consuming motive:

To retain power.

All this wondering about whether Bush is really Christian or good or whatever is absolutely out the window.

Nothing is more important nor more valuable than being in power, not saving lives, not reducing the debt, not finding peace in the Middle East, not finding alternative fuels, not being ethical, not ANYTHING that's good for America.

My clear example, although there are many that fit this pattern once you think about it, is the Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Every single person in this country supports it.
Every Democrat supports it.

There's only one problem, how do you separate yourself from the opposition party when they agree with you?

You break the law.

So while the opposition party is spending it's time trying to argue that the program breaks the law and should be fixed, you can go around saying that the opposition opposes spying on terrorists.

That certainly bolsters the argument that one can't fix other people's messes. Why try?

Let's just let the Republicans run over American laws so that Democrats don't look like, and they can't claim that we're against their programs. Let's let the courts, what's left of them, do the Lord's work for us.

Everyone will be happy then.

By the way, if you wan't to find one fright and lie after another, just go to www.gop.com.

If they can't convince us that Democrats love terrorists, their backup is trying to convince people that Charlie Rangal is going to raise taxes even though he has said he won't.

GOP = Greed, Organized crime & Propaganda

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fox News negotiates with those who negotiate with terrorists

My husband and I were just going over the last few decades of Presidents and he brought up how Reagan's speeches were so much better than the reality of his social programs, how he ignored so many issues like AIDS, deconstructing our social programs and even arms for hostages.

I flashed back to watching Oliver North sitting before a congressional committee on TV day after day one summer when I was working at a gas station at Six Flags over Mid-America.

Oliver North was convicted of three felonies involved with his lying to Congress about negotiating and funding terrorists "guerillas, aka freedom fighters," something that Reagan said he'd never do and so do conservatives argue that position today. [BTW--the ACLU helped North overturn this conviction on a technicality, a difficult but happy lesson in how the ACLU is not a partisan organization!!!!]

How important is that principle to conservatives when instead of letting Oliver North fade into obscurity and humility over that nasty transgression against American values, Fox News employs Oliver North as a hero?

This adds up to a blatant disregard for the law, and at the very least an absolute lack of moral leadership by Fox News and others who continue to support Oliver North.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Abortion and South Dakota

I guess there's a movement afoot to outlaw abortion completely in South Dakota. It's getting press because the anti-choice activists are using a different tactic, they are arguing that abortion is used by society to keep women from being mothers.


If that's not one of the most victim-oriented, paternalistic canards I've heard in awhile.

Sure, we all know that abortion is often VERY convenient for men, and to a lot of other family members who would rather their 16 year-old become a mother at 26 (I have vitriol for "pro-lifers" because I grew up with people who published their names in the paper in ads that sought to outlaw abortions after they had sought and received abortions for their own daughters), and women do sometimes regret having abortions.

But to hold "motherhood" out there as a right, and something so blessed and nurtured by our society (HA!!!) that women who have abortions are missing out on all this festivity, is false advertising.

Being a mother in the United States today is often a very solitary experience. There is little community support without monetary cost and family support is often fractured and distant, and in many places we really have an adult-oriented culture that is as far from PRO-CHILD as we could possibly be. There is constant pressure on parents and children to be more, do more, have more, go more.

Somehow I doubt that it's the woman with the family support, community support and child-centered culture that is seeking an abortion.

I had a conversation with two Democrats tonight that are helping foster children. One woman actually has a child she fosters part-time (she's an educational appointee) and her foster son is very difficult behaviorally. The other woman is on the board of a non-profit that is investing in foster care solutions. Why?

I need to check these stats but this is what I heard tonight: 60- 70% of foster children go to jail after foster homes. 70% of foster children live in L.A. and N.Y.

I met Jim Webb tonight

Jim Webb rocks! He is SO smart and down-to-earth and ready to problem solve this country back on track. If you know anyone in Virginia, please tell them to get out, check out and vote for this solid veteran!

Chris Matthews, weasil Republican mouthpiece, assumes, lies...

Oops, I hate calling people names, I'm sorry it has come to this

Terrorist Shooting in Seattle Barely Reported

Yes, this type of thing has happened in the past with racists and psychos, but how is it that a Muslim walks into a Jewish Center in Seattle, Washington last month, shoots six and kills one. and it hardly gets covered? There's no background story on the dead and wounded, no human interest stuff that we can all identify with. I found the story buried in Newsweek, with no hint of calling it terrorism. Here's a story Seattle Shooting

Isn't that a terrorist attack?

Isn't disinterest worse than hatred?

Update: Okay, I couldn't find anything about this on the ADL website, so maybe it was just a crazy Muslim/Christian psycho incident, not even a hate-group, but still, it was so unreported...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

USA Today notes that there is little evidence of voter fraud to justify ID laws. Thanks for finding this, Schmog XX!!!

Conservatives disagree with yet another bipartisan commission report and have sat on it's release.

Typical--living in lies.

I heard Andrew Sullivan and a conservative movement founder who wrote a book that is is called something likeConservatives Betrayed by Bush on Al Franken's show today. They were both saying how Bush and Congress have abused power beyond belief. Why doesn't the media point this out?

Watching the reporters' faces, watched over by Karl Rove, during Bush's press conference yesterday I could tell that everyone of them was like, "Can you believe what a hole this President has dug us into with Korea, Iraq and our pork spending--and here he is telling us that 'balanced budget' Clinton's plan didn't work for Korea and that the Democrats are going to raise taxes if they are elected [okay, that last comment was the day before]?"

I don't think anyone believes Bush anymore, and I seriously think Korea has absolutely undermined his credibility and judgement on nearly everything, especially on the trails of Katrina and "Denial" in Iraq (speaking of that, in his recent comments he's called MIT's reports on Iraq's estimated deaths, "uncredible" and Hastert, "credible," our President is so ass-backwards it really is insane.)

Of note: When Claire McCaskill was debating Jim Talent on Meet the Press she didn't back down from her comment about Bush leaving poor blacks to die in New Orleans. She did say she could have phrased it better. My husband and I were thinking, hmmm, was Katrina, on the federal level, really malice or was it only incompetence? What can we compare it to? My husband remembered how Bush's agencies responded to the hurricanes near Miami recently--VERY DIFFERENTLY, VERY QUICKLY. What else are we to make of that comparison other than disinterest, disregard, distance? Malice is indifference, is it not?


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

McCain slips to new lows

McCain Blame Game

In stark contrast to most analysis of the Clinton/North Korea situation, McCain sinks to a new low on the "Republicans blame Clinton for Bush's failures" bandwagon.

Did Bush/Rove pay McCain for this break from reality, or did "I support the man who insulted my family to campaign against me" McCain volunteer this nugget of irresponsible, unprincipled drivel himself? I guess it just doesn't matter why they blame, only that they do it, over and over and over.

Monday, October 09, 2006



"We also saw last week the man that, if the Democrats were in control, would be chairman of the Ways and Means Committee saying you would get across-the-board tax increases..."
OUTRIGHT LIE BY Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman, October 6, 2006 Fox News Your World with Neil Cavuto

ACTUAL TRUTH Would-be chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Charley Rangal actually said the opposite ON THE SAME SHOW Sept. 26th:

CAVUTO: Would any of the taxes that the president cut -- just income taxes -- be raised or be looked at being raised under Democrats, even in -- on the upper income, the 35 percent rate, maybe bring it back to 39.5 percent?

REP. RANGEL: We don't bring anything back. We would not raise taxes. We would not roll back. The president has -- had allowed these things to expire in 2010. I think -- and I would not advocate or support a retroactive increase in taxes.

Cavuto did not challenge Mehlman on October 6th.

Lies, lies, lies...they can't win without 'em.

Bush: Making the perfect the enemy of the good (rational safety)

A short history of how Bush screwed up our deal with N. Korea

I wonder if their test revealed that a nuke can reach California.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Clinton won; Republicans are losing

Obviously, there's much more to be relieved about in this analysis of why Republican's are sinking in American opinion than Clinton being proved right about 9-11. Finally, the truth about this government and Iraq is coming to light. However, I must point out that after all the lies and Rovian campaign to blame Clinton for 9-11 (something I found particularly cowardly and such a symptom of irresponsiblity and blame by the White House and Congress--even if they were right (they are not)! here is a poll that says 58% of Americans think Secretary RICE did not "do enough" to fight Al Queda before 9-11. I think she protested too much...thank G-d people didn't believe her...

Newsweek Poll

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dear Larry King,

Please keep in mind that "pro-family" does not mean "conservative." I am a very pro-family liberal, as are 95% of my hundreds of friends. If only our nation's policies were pro-child (health insurance for all children, a stay-at-home mom economy, less alcohol and emotional abuse, equal educational resources, an honest, transparent government, etc.).

[Larry King repeatedly defined pro-family voters as Republicans who would not vote in this election because of the Foley scandal)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When it's close

Delay should have already illustrated this for the American people, but it wasn't until Foley that people have begun asking how far Republicans will go to retain their majority in the people's House.

I guess sex is the last line people will draw for politicians, meanwhile they can screw us all they want with bribe money, breaking laws, failing wars, corporate corruption, undermining our economy, and overwriting the constitution.

Rush Limbaugh is blaming Democrats for this scandal! Show us, Rush. Your twisted, maniacally anti-Democrat fantasy is not enough evidence.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A tale of perversion and cover-up

So let me get this straight, the Republican controlled congress never dealt with the extremely corrupt Delay, the Republican leadership sat by until Delay resigned on his own under threat of felony conviction (long after the charges were in place).

Now we have Rep. Foley, a gay guy with a reputation for harassing pages, the Republican leadership finds out about it months ago (at least) and someone investigates the situation by asking FOLEY if he did anything wrong. Foley doesn't get removed from the committee on Missing and Exploited Children until the page's messages hit the press.

Some people wasted NO TIME in pulling down Foley's congressional web page and his campaign page, it's like the man didn't exist. The cache is gone, too. Isn't his Congressional page still public information?

My point here is actually this:


When Rep. William Jefferson was suspected of taking bribes, Nancy Pelosi immediately took him off of his committee.

When Rep. Foley was suspected of soliciting sex with underage pages, the Republican leadership ignored it and protected Foley's position on the Committee for EXPLOITED and Missing Children.

The parties are not the same.