Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Republicans oppose welfare for people, but not corporations

I heard Rep. Ryan say today that government is meant to "encourage" not "support" people.  Our rights, he said, don't come from government, they come from nature and G-d (thrilling, isn't that?).  According to him, being on Medicare and using OUR social security is equivalent to being on "welfare" from cradle to grave.  This guy has a screw loose.

How progressives can outline the importance of government:

The Failure of antigovernment conservatism

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No more sacrifices for us, no BALANCE

President Obama, I WANT you to point fingers of blame.  I WANT you to pick a side.  I WANT you to stand up to the forces of evil that are trying to dismantle every force of good in this country and every last corrupt politician who does not represent the ordinary workers in this country.

For I will cease to believe there are differences in you and those politicians until you focus on those differences in stark detail.

No games, just straight talk about who represents who.

No balance, no shared sacrifice; ordinary people fund this government, and we need representation in Washington.

Truth and reality

My gut wants Obama to be President so that he can protect women's rights in America--there is NO other option; but I am so disappointed about his inability to change Wall Street.  I have no basis for this hope, but if anyone is going to change it, it could be him in a second term.  I know, it's foolhardy and childlike in it's logic...

Silver spoon spawn

I followed a link to a Wall St Journal video criticizing Obama's energy speech (one I would call unenthusiastically practical and business as usual), but wow, that's not the opinion of Dartmouth's recent all-in conservative talking points graduate...who found it "incoherent."

I couldn't believe J. Rago is a "senior" writer at the WSJ.  He just spews talking points, and ooo, surprise, the oil industry has the better argument?  And why do electric cars make gas prices go up??  Funny, really, because I happen to know that some business leaders (e.g. Mr. Newscorp) actually implements that "blue sky" stuff with his own employees.

Wow...insular conservative Dartmouth graduates are bad news!!!