Friday, April 23, 2010

Whoa, this looks so random and interesting...

How will you spin it when one of your members kills somebody?

Geico voice actor loses his job for that.  Wow.  Somebody interview him!!

What does Alaska do when the protected prey outnumbers the predator?

Kill the prey.

Alaskan authorities have been killing wolves to keep moose and caribou populations preserved for human hunting, at rates of 60% to 75% sport.  When moose and caribou populations get so high they are unsustainable (because of course, the authorities over hunt the wolves), the authorities shoot the moose and caribou.  MMMM, hunting.

A thousand points of death

Ted Rall is a facebook friend of mine, I hope to enter the field of political caricature when my children are both in school!

He does a GREAT job of defining why the Tea Party folks are losing steam.  I try to be honest about what people seem to want from the other side, from the conservative side, because I think it makes sense to try to bring people together.

But what I've seen from them, their arguments, their paranoia, their HATE for whatever Glenn Beck defines for them as worth hating, their eagerness to criticize rather then understand, are what they are wrapped up in, and it's not reality.

If they could make a coherent argument that wasn't based on the hatred of liberals or the president, or Nancy Pelosi, or Democrats, or whatever straw man they've created, they might be believed.  But they are so absolute in their partisanship, talking points, and unscientific dogma, that they hit most people exactly like the press is portraying them--as radicalized idiots with no basis in fact.  e.g. Taxation without representation?  Really?  If anything, the corporations get over represented and pay no taxes (and it's not new)!!  But it's the millionaires Beck and Limbaugh, working for billionaires, that threaten middle class Americans with job losses if folks don't support big corporations not having to pay taxes.  A brilliant scheme, isn't it?  And the rich get richer, and the middle classes pay the taxes.

And the truth is, the right would have a point if they didn't try so hard to place blame on the shoulders of half of America, but not the true monsters, or themselves.

Our country is in debt, and we're spending too much, so what are WE going to do about it?