Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Civil Rights Irony

Wow, the right's talking about Civil Rights now. I've got to say this. They were silent when left wingers were being arrested and thrown out of Bush "townhalls." And left wingers are the guys that get assassinated in our history (Kennedy, King, Kennedy, Lennon, etc.) The right wingers are the ones that often go out of their minds with hate speech and pray for the death of Congress people. So I'm cutting the White House a lot of slack. I do give this guy credit for asking for Cheney's info, too, though.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Health Care Game

Schmog and I were discussing the demise of the Public Option last night. He pointed out that the current health care bill is basically what Clinton and Co. tried to pass against all that opposition back then. So if Obama's goal was to simply accomplish what they did not, he's about to do so. And perhaps the Public Option was a brilliant red herring for the Republicans and the tea parties.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Global Warming

Have you met someone one who thinks that car and factory emissions are not responsible for global warming? I did today. He wasn't stupid. He watches Fox News.


I'm giving my facebook friends a break from my ranting about healthcare. I never get any comments anyway. Either I'm preaching to the choir or they don't care.

So I'm looking at the Rasmussen poll that puts 56% of Americans against the current healthcare bill (Pew has 47%). I could throw this bill out, my only caveat is that it seems to make some major insurance reforms (allowing pre-existing conditions).

The reason I found this poll was because I got into a very interesting argument with an "independent" man who doesn't believe government should run healthcare and that the private sector could take care of it (I knocked that position down from every angle I could think of). He also puts a lot of stock in the "facts" he gets from Fox News. He was really pissed that Obama might sign a healthcare bill that "60% of Americans don't want." So I found this poll from June very interesting:>New York Times

85% said our healthcare system needed to be changed or fundamentally rebuilt. 76% said they supported something like Medicare for those under 65!

It's maddening that our Congress and our President isn't even close to giving us what we actually need and want.