Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back on the Healthy Living Bus

Since I birthed two boys, I fell off the Healthy Living bus.  Granted, I didn't give up my Smart Balance balanced oils spread, or happily choose non-organic produce, but I do regretfully, and I certainly eat way too much sugar (pure, no artificial stuff of course) and, unbeknownst to me, grains!! 

I had a Chiropractor tell me today that Monsanto has so fully destroyed our food system in terms of manipulated and polluted grain crops that they have actually caused all the gluten intolerance we're suffering from today. He's been gluten free for two years.  Members of my family and friends have children and themselves testing for gluten intolerance right and left!  I haven't had any glaring digestive issues, in fact, I like to think I have a British stomach made of iron, but I've definitely been suffering from cognitive shortcomings lately that I suspect are nutritional, rather than aging, thank G-d.

After looking at my symptoms chart he demanded that I stop eating high-fiber English muffins for breakfast (and dump the Smart Balance for butter [but the saturated fats!!] or olive oil), and as for my whole wheat lunch crackers with cream cheese?  I promptly made a rare trip to Trader Joe's and picked up the recommended goat cheese (more pure than Cow milk, I guess) and rice crackers.  I ate at least 20 of them for lunch today--not exactly filling alone.  And I skipped the toast at dinner.

I already feel better, and my sharp neck pain is gone to boot!

There are a lot of doubts about Chiropractors in the MD community, but I would take a referral for a  D.O. or a Chiropractor over any blind MD!  Alternative therapies promote wellness, but should also be regulated like traditional therapies.

I noticed that since this Doctor is outside of my insurance plan, I can reveal my complete medical history without fear of being dropped by my insurance!  It made me see that not only is our insurance system corrupt in it's greed, but it so easily corrupts being honest about health. What a horrible "health" system!  With Universal Healthcare, we would never fear losing access for any reason, we could be completely honest about our health histories and habits.

Who wants peace on earth?

I wanted to see the North Korean government get whacked so I watched Team America (2004) last week, too violent and not for kids, but there was a funny thing about "three kinds of people," which I won't go into here, but I was wondering if this has any truth to it:

There are three kinds of people; those who want peace on earth; those who want hell on earth; and those who just don't give a sh#@$# which means only about 1/3 of the world's people are working toward peace?  Well, at least the cup for peace is a third full...