Thursday, March 22, 2007

1984 ad

When I saw this anti-Hillary ad last night I was really attuned to it and felt the gestalt of it very personally. San Franciso Chronicle I have had no access to Hillary, have been frustrated by her statements, have dropped my 2 cents into the well of e-mail "responses" and an internet site that is massive, manipulated and controlled (compare that site to John Edwards wild ride of personal expression, with at least a conversation occuring between peers, and a meritocracy competition of blog posts which I'm proud to have succeeded in) that as far as I can tell, does not even offer a SEARCH function. This on top of my impression that she is so full of liberal rhetoric yet so short on groundbreaking, revolutionary policy substance that my gut curdles when I think she could be the Democratic nominee. The only thing that holds my head above water is that she would probably appoint competant government officials--which is better than what we have now, but seems to fall way short of the radical repositioning our domestic policies need, and our country needs to find peace in this world of ours; and to literally survive on this overheated planet. So, yeah, I get that ad, viscerally.


Where was that ad when Bush was running for office in 2004? Why wasn't the fascism revealed there?? It's truly incredible that this appropriate analogy has been conflated with a DEMOCRAT!!!! Why is the hatred and vitriol and anger and political brilliance saved for OUR side of the aisle when there is at least some nod, however weak, to advancing what we ACTUALLY care about? I know, it's what Freud said, but WOW, it stinks. It does put Obama in a tough spot. Even if he speaks the truth, it sounds pat.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The New Republic reveals a nut job

If you can, check out the New Republic's evidence of Sen. Lieberman accosting his friends, neighbors and baseball players for not doing enough about terrorism. And Sen., I beg you to tell us what YOU have done, sir.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Edward's impresses...

I was there for this remarkable event:

Note: This article discusses something beside's Edward's hair, for once.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Great News!

Finally looking for cause and effect in our nation's weak fight against cancer:

and something we can do to help clean our water and air:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Triangulator

Hilary's triangulating voting machines. I wrote this to her. She's introducing a bill that "reforms" our voting computers. Yawn.

I support eliminating electronic voting machines completely and setting uniform standards for provisional ballots. There's nothing wrong with hanging chads because we can actually see and count them. I am one of the most digitally talented and aware people in the don't think I'm some kind of anti-technology voter. My awareness of computers and technology teaches me that it's not wise to count votes on a screen, it's not logical, rational, or sound.

The Sleeper Candidate

Robert Scheer on John Edwards

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Edwards is a force of nature

I saw John Edwards speak in person again last night--he was electrifying! Passionate about poverty, America's place in the world, getting us out of Iraq, and my pet issue, campaign financing!! That last one was when he got me on his team. He said, roughly, that he's in a tough spot because he needs to raise money to be heard right now for this election, but the only way to take money out of politics is to take money out of politics!! He thinks that the way we use money now is WRONG! He claims to have never taken money from a lobbyist. I joined his One Corps team. That's brilliant. People were saying how much he's like Bobby Kennedy was.

John Edwards has become a presidential candidate that is not afraid to lose. Ahhhhhh!

Happy also, he's never been a member of the DLC. Ahhhh.