Sunday, October 23, 2005

Arnold, Bush and DeLay

So I was wrong in the post below, Arnold does have a need for money or he wouldn't have been so upset about Bush courting Californians for political donations. The current state of our state and country makes me sick. This is what I said to my friends across the nation recently:

On the political front, although I'm eagerly watching the Bush admin and the "moral" Republicans and Congress' filth rise to the surface I take no pleasure in it. It makes me sick that we've put up with this crap for years, and I'm equally disgusted with how I've begun to realize how both parties, the lobbyists, and the PACs that have proliferated in the last 5 years in Washington use division and political differences against one another to fund each other. They would all die if we actually had a unified, effective government that served the people first--they all play the same game.

Why can't we just elect efficient nerds instead of money-driven politicos? Money-driven politics. In my mind, money is not a first amendment issue (free expression). We ought to limit it or come up with a third and rational party, or a different form of governing all together. This is hardly democracy when no ones paying attention, or voting, or getting counted as a vote. And our media is only slowly gathering truth-speaking steam (and only because it's so damn hard to ignore anymore).

In California our ridiculous governor and our frightened unions have spent $ MILLIONS on advertising for single issues that shouldn't even be brought before the few voters that will turn out for it (it's a "special" election that could have been decided legislatively). It's gross to think about how that money could go to good use in our society instead--or at the very least it could stay in the hands of the families that need it (or the governor could use it to pay down our state debt that just keeps growing and growing...). We are in sorry shape.