Monday, July 04, 2005

The Government is killing us with mad agribusiness lobbyists

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Agribusinesses have hamstringed our state health departments by OUTLAWING public notification of tainted meat. Federal regulations FORBID states from notifying the public with recalls, testing and labelling! OUR FOOD IS NOT PROTECTED BY OUR GOVERNMENT!

Who's looking out for you? Don't turn to our federal government first, that's for sure.

The California legislature passed a bill that allowed publicizing places that buy tainted meat. Schwarzeneger VETOED it, stating that we should work out a better deal with the government.

In January 2004 bones from a federally recalled batch of contaminated "mad cow" meat; everybody acted too late to stop a restaurant in Oakland from serving soup made with those bones. People who ingested that soup may not know they have Creutzfeldt-Jakob for years. We can thank the federal government for this risky event. Federal inspectors visited the restaurant 10 days after the recall was issued, too late to stop the soup. The state was not, is not, allowed to act alone.

**Haven't blogged in awhile--I gave birth to, and my husband and I welcomed into the world, a beautiful, loving, hungry and sometimes fussy little boy on June 17, 2005. I blog for them.