Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Conservative philosophy

I can be very biblical about my concern for the poor and the American laborer.  If we really look at the philosophy of corporate power, it is not religious at all, it is pure greed and they use deception and hatred to recruit religious people for their own advancement.

I just had this thought, though, spawned by a Dr. Oz facebook post that discusses how some states are trying to make their public school cafeterias healthier.  It takes a lot of education and restructuring to do so, so in other words, money.  Health=investment.  Isn't this the truth with every aspect of our society?

The party of No, and Tax Cuts, gets what it pays for--nothing.  And worse, really, that party gets poverty, uncritical, uneducated, low wage workers.  So my question for them is:

What, you want a healthy, happy, rich, country, town, and neighborhood, but you're not wiling to pay for it (and don't get me started on the war)?