Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Prayer from Jefferson City Missouri

I received this from my sister-in-law who is an active part of the growing peace movement.

Please see below. If you can spend anytime at all in prayer, meditation or intention with the words in quotes below..., and especially at the same times 8am &/or 8pm Central Standard Time now through Nov. 6... Pass the word. Thanks.

----- Original Message -----
Subject: say a prayer, meditate

Hi Everyone,
A group of us have decided to join in on a global non-partisan program that centers around the upcoming election. No matter what your beliefs are or who you will vote for, it doesn't matter. I believe this will be time well spent for the planet and everyone on it. (You can find more info on this an other global events at gaiafield.net). We will devote 10 minutes each day at either 8am or 8pm from now until Nov. 6 to hold the following in prayer, meditation, or intention.

“We the people, the ancestors of our great, great grandchildren, call forth the deepest wisdom and the highest compassion from the heart and soul of America, for the benefit of the entire Earth community and the next seven generations. May Wisdom Prevail in the USA. May Peace Prevail on Earth”

If these words resonate in you please join in at either time, and ask a friend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Liberal Courage

Wow, despite Obama leaving McCain's Ethanol gaff unchallenged (What? You're saying you're "Country First" and you're willing to import Brazilian Ethanol without tariffs and unfund Iowans alternative fuel subsidies? Schmog caught this.) I was so proud at all the shout outs Obama made to women and even labor leaders in Columbia.

McCain had his clock cleaned. That was WONDERFUL. I especially enjoyed the moment when McCain pressed Obama to repudiate John Lewis (I'm proud to say I lived near him in Atlanta and we used the same dry cleaner!!) and Obama wouldn't!! He even had the courage to slam the Palin rallies for being so hateful as well!! I was actually thinking that, surprisingly, Obama's response here would appeal to Midwestern rednecks because most rednecks do not want to be seen as extremists. It was a BRILLIANT moment. I'm dying to ask my Ohio Republican friend if she's voting for Obama yet...I think this is a generational moment, not a party moment.