Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hard on Hillary

Yes, we always expect more from women, don't we?

I appreciate her laying down the gauntlet on IRAN very much, courageous and appropriate and helps me sleep at night.

However, I have one word for her...


John Edwards

In person he's much like he appears on TV, in fact, my husband and I believe he was born to be on TV. It's no wonder he spends so much time on his hair, it looks great--I don't recall ever seeing eyes glow blue in person before last night, and there is a disarming comfortableness in his firm handshake. Elizabeth spoke first; she appears to be grounded, mature and real. He seemed serious as he prepared to speak, then loosened up talking about her successful book (more so than his) and with a joke about being on the Jon Stewart show. They seem like really serious, mature, caring, dedicated, principled people. He is as disgruntled with the current administration and Congress as the rest of us. He made a good point before we left for our dinner reservations...

Why aren't the people who have the power to pull funding for this insane military operation pulling funding for it?

As I slashed and burned my way through my perceived superficial qualities of Edwards performance to my husband on the way to dinner (my dark side) and as my husband defended Edwards against my slights valiently (God bless my husband) I failed to note that Edwards had a good point about Congress, and he was angry about it.

I think he'll just get stronger as he gets going...and I really don't think his change of heart about the war hurts him...he's like most Americans in that regard. And we rarely hold the past against people anymore, just look at George Bush and Hugh Grant.

My question to Obama is, where's your threat to cut off funding now? Get them home!!

As my wise hubby observed, no candidate should be afraid to lose this election with a wrong's too limiting and makes the candidate too vulnerable, and disqualifies bold stands. Kerry showed us clearly what inaction results in.

Make a wrong decision? Apologize later (and only if it really hurt somebody). I swear, there is nothing left to lose in this hour.

Sorry Vigilante, I didn't get a chance to ask Edwards any questions, although I could have said, "Keep it positive!" but didn't think of that...he's not.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Murtha where art thou?

What were the House Democrats thinking when they elected Hoyer to be the Majority Leader? He is absolutely without conviction on Meet the Press today. He seems to have forgotten that the electorate gave Congress the moral authority to challenge this President and to end this war (even though it already had the authority to end it or oversee it, every year of this war). Who cares if Republicans are going around saying we might cut funding? WE MIGHT!!! THAT'S LEVERAGE, YOU IDIOTS!!! I'M LOSING ALL MY ABILITY TO FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES OF IMPECCABLE LANGUAGE BECAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE!

Okay, I'm better now.

Thank you to my husband for pointing out how right Pelosi was to want Murtha to be Leader, despite his ethical problems he has it right on Iraq.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Is there any Congressman willing to impeach Cheney and Bush?

I'm just wondering if there is any politician in Congress who is starting impeachment procedings, or at least doing the preparation. I really would feel good if our people took down these dangerous crazymakers.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do you have a question for Edwards?

I'm going to spend Valentine's Day with my husband and we're going to go to a fundraiser for Edwards. I usually have questions for political candidates, like THE ONE thing that's burning me up and I don't hear any cohesive solutions for it, but I don't have that for him because his interview on Meet the Press was very illuminating for me on his positions. He was quite frank about raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans (which isn't that wealthy if you're a family with one income).

Any good questions for Edwards?

I might ask him about campaign finance reform and lobbying OR maybe how we can encourage more families to be able to CHOOSE a one-income arrangement...


Hillary and the rightwing

There's that Freudian idea bloggers keep pointing out, that we hate that which is most like us. The rightwing hates Hillary. I heard Tammy Bruce slamming her for some position on taking away oil company profits 1) as if that's possible and 2) as if Hillary's the biggest threat to our current economic system that rewards CEOs and slams workers.

It seems to me that Edwards is a much bigger threat to the status quo, and I don't know Obama's positions, but I would guess that Obama might be very radical economically (considering his international perspective--although I'm thinking he may have voted for the Bankruptcy bill, I have to check that). But the rightwing is going to put all its energy into attacking Hillary Clinton. Its fascinating to me! Hillary will have to fight other Democrats and the rightwing to win the primaries, that will seem to take a toll on both her and the rightwing. Hmmm.

In any case, I'd love to see a weakened rightwing when the Democratic Presidential candidate does emerge.

Please support public broadcasting, for the kids...

Why in the world would we cut a source of pre-school education in such a competative one?? What kind of American citizen doesn't support educational, public TV? Sadly, it is no longer commercial free, and it would be more educational if it was. More commercials on NPR and PBS do not benefit our children. Republicans, at least allow this country one public service that puts people over profits.